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A friend of mine encourages me to examine “the thought behind the thought.”  I think this is an aspect of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

When my reaction is “I can’t work on this right now, even though it’s my highest priority and it’s almost late already,” what is the underlying belief that prompts this reaction?

Often, for me, I get stuck at the point where I need to talk to someone more knowledgeable than me to get more information.  That person may be the client of the project, or my manager, or an expert whose opinion of me is important.  I dread looking stupid, or revealing how far behind I already am in the project.  This is the unpleasant task that stops me cold: the razor in the apple.

The underlying belief is: I must never reveal ignorance to my betters.

If I can somehow work this fear out of my system, I will greatly reduce my procrastinating tendencies.  That’s the theory, anyway.

There.  I’ve just accomplished my first round of CBT self-analysis.  Do I feel different?  *pinch*


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