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Okay, sometimes it’s not the “big-P,” sometimes it is just bad work habits.

  • School was easy for me throughout those formative years up til the end of high school.  I never studied for tests, I always left assignments to the last minute; and I always did well.  I didn’t develop the habit of starting big assignments early, or of planning out my work.  I was never one for regular practice.
  • I worked for many years at a job I didn’t like.  I got into the bad habit of “putting in the hours.” of pretending to work, of using my computer as a source of entertainment.  I now work for myself, but I still waste many hours a week on hobbies and personal emails.  Now, I’m not cheating anyone but myself.


I’ve got to break these bad work habits and replace them with new ones.

  • Start early, finish early.
  • WORK when you’re meant to be working.  Then go play.



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