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D said:

I think that one of the realizations I had a while ago may help you too. And that is I can’t work a “full” day either. If I were at a 9-5 I’d either be burned out, pissed off or avoiding stuff any way I could. But like you, I’ve realized I’m now on MY TIME. It’s ALL my time.

What I realized is that if I did a mere TWO HOURS per day of actual work, I would probably quadruple my productivity. Like you, I avoid and waste time till I really need to do it, then get motivated and work extra hard to finish it.

My goal is those 2 hours per day. I’m best in the mornings. By 12, I’m fading. I find it VERY difficult to work in the afternoons. But I can do 2 hours of work between 9 and 12…well, you can follow the bouncing ball.

What about you? Would that calculation get enough done for you? Can you get into the habit of doing 2 hours of solid work between the hours of 9 and 12? Cuz if you can start with that (or maybe it’s just 1 hour of work at first), then your productivity gets consistent and the positive message gets reinforced. You start ACCOMPLISHING.

Once you’ve put in that 1 or 2 hours every morning, even if you do NOTHING else the rest of the day, you know you’ve been productive.


Me said:

A light came on in my head while I was reading this. I saw myself as I am now: sitting in the basement on beautiful sunny days, goofing off til maybe 2pm or 3pm, then the guilt becomes unbearable and I bang out a couple hours of work. I’m spending the best 9 hours of the day to get 2 hours of work done! What if I did that work when I was fresh, and finished it before noon? I could frolic in sun-dappled flower gardens for the rest of the day! Or, you know, keep up with industry resources, write gaming material, practice guitar, exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, and all that good stuff that I always wish I had more time for? Holy shit, what a life I would lead! Is it really possible? I mean, yes, the arithmetic works out, but can I really get myself to work that way?


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