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Today I’m finding it helpful that I have a list of things that I’m looking forward to doing after I finish my work. I’m motivated to get my work done early.

Maybe this one’s dead obvious to everyone else, but we already know I’m a recovering goofaholic.

It also helps that I have a specific goal today, “finish one project write-up,” and I know it’s something that I should be able to finish today with time to spare.  Staying focussed is a lot harder with goals like “work on project ABC today,” which doesn’t motivate you to do anything other than sit at your desk.

I’m visualizing myself getting a few hours of solid work done every morning, and then doing fun things and tackling some of those little jobs that we never seem to have time for, in the afternoon – and being extremely happy about it all.  Three hours of solid work per day would be an improvement over recent performance, and I can gradually increase from there.



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