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I was productive three days in a row last week, and I want to keep that momentum going. Today I’m starting a new system of daily and weekly goals and rewards. I’ll blog about it in more detail soon, but it’s all based on this little spark of genius:

” Without some sort of crutch, I find it’s really hard to maintain the momentum of continuous work, like writing or exercising every day. For me, the “chain method” works well – I have a printed calendar on the wall in my office and each day I accomplish my specific goal, I put a big colored X on that date on the calendar. When I get a string of them going, I *really* don’t like breaking that chain, so it gives me motivation to do it. “

Props to Trent at for the great idea!  I’ll let y’all know how it works out.

Do you have a method or mindset that helps you maintain momentum, or turn a good trend into a good habit?  Please post a comment and let me know!

-Johnny 0.


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