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D said:

I wanted to write about procrastination. I had another thought about it. I conducted an interview back in April with a client. He was a difficult client, hard to pull details from. Also, I did not conduct interviews as well then as I do now. I asked for and pulled the wrong information.

Now, months later, I am REALLY STUCK on this project. It is way over due and I hate working on it. Part of it is related to that perfectionism you talked about. I screwed up the initial interview and don’t want to go back to them to “fix it.” But now, it’s also very, very difficult to do the work. I have nothing solid to work with, so my initial “screw-up” is contributing to my antipathy towards the project.

On the plus side, the client still hasn’t provided financial info or answers to some of my questions, so I don’t feel like it’s ALL on me. But I’m still not finished and ready to go even if I had their answers.

The bottom line is, the perfectionism doesn’t have to be forward-oriented. I.e. in terms of the final result needing to be really good and worthy of praise.

me said:

Excellent point, that perfectionism can be rooted in past problems or existing imperfections, not just future fears! I have definitely experienced that one too.

May I also propose that I detect another one of my triggers in your situation: fear of looking stupid. You know that going back to the client with further questions would help you finish up the project; but after so many months, asking for clarification now would reveal how little you’ve done on the file.

Aah, procrastination: as complex and as simple as four tonnes of gravel.


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