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The work habits haven’t been very good for the past couple of days. Partly it has been procrastination, but there was something else, too. Even though a good portion of my day was spent working, I still got to five o’clock, stood up and said “where did the time go?”

And I think I know why. My new anti-procrastination system is missing a vital element: something to keep me from succumbing to fatigue or slipping into self-hypnosis.

When I sit for hours at a desk, I’m aware of my butt going numb. But it’s not until I eventually stand up and say “wow, what useless crap have I been doing for the past hour?” that I realize that my brain has gone numb too.

That old bit of advice about taking a break every 30 minutes is gold. Stand up, move around, swing the arms, drink some water, go outside for some bright light and fresh air and a dose of rich aural and visual landscape. It keeps the blood flowing and the brain sharp, not to mention the purely physical benefits. I’ve got to get back to doing that, setting a timer and everything.

I use Cool Timer for my 30-minute “break” timer and my 2-hour “work” timer. It’s simple, free, and it works.


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  1. That’s excellent advice. I find a good break every 45 mins helps to keep the mind fresh. Isolating yourself from distraction is also a good tactic.

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