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Sometimes we experience procrastination as a daily phenomenom — gosh, it’s two o’clock already, have I really been Facebooking for five hours? — but sometimes we lift our heads and see a procrastination that stretches back years.  That’s what mid-life crises are often about.  You know the ones: “I never wanted to be a pet shop owner.  I always wanted to be… A LUMBER JACK!”  Those lifetime procrastinations aren’t productivity sinks, they’re dream killers.

Alex Fayle has just released his new e-Book, I’ll Get Around To It Someday: A Practical Guide To Getting Things Done, and to give the book a proper launch he is putting six lab rats through his new maze of self-discovery.  Six volunteer procrastinators — hard cases — will work their way through the book’s exercises in full view of the public eye.  Alex will post weekly analyses of their progress.

One of the lab rats is *ahem* yours truly.

I jumped at the opportunity to be a lab rat for a few reasons:

  • the chance to work with Alex, a well-known anti-procrastination coach
  • to broaden my audience of people who will keep me honest an on-track
  • to have a system to follow, which is more likely to be successful than my home-brew approach, and
  • to get a free copy of the book.
  • I’ll post regularly on my blog, on my progress and insights as I work through the book.

    So far so good. In chapter 1, I was reminded that life-sized procrastination is a result of not following our dreams – our REAL dreams. That may sound like putting the cart before the horse, but how many of us have worked hard to end up in careers or lives that we never wanted? We did what was expected of us, we chose from the opportunities that came up, took the paths of least resistance, and then years later asked in frustration “how did I get here!?” When we’re not working for something that matters to us, procrastination sets in.

    It’s a facet of that old rub: “Find a job you love, and you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life.” Alex has pointed out the other side of the coin, which might be something like: “Avoid your true dream, and everything that you do is a chore.”

    I hope we don’t end up discovering that my true dream is to be a fashion model. I look positively silly in heels.

    Stay tuned,


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