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Hello. My name’s Johnny and I’m a procrastinator.

(“Hello Johnny.”)

It has been a week since I worked on my top priority.

At first, I had a lot of little things to get done.  Important things.  I was just going to get them out of the way, and then I would get right onto priority #1, the Big Project for the Big Client.  But after a few days, I have to admit, I was looking for little things to do, anything that seemed productive and would let me put off that Big Project a little longer.  Oh, and I’d forgotten to look ahead in my calendar, forgotten that I’d booked Friday off for my son’s birthday.

Now it’s a week later, the Big Project is due ASAP and I’ve barely started.  Not only that but, perhaps predictably, other urgent high-priority things are popping up.  I’m behind the eight ball now.

I’m gonna go re-start that Big Project right now.  I know that the hardest part is getting started, that once I have some momentum the Big Project won’t seem so big.  With luck, I can get it finished before anyone starts screaming for my head.

And I’ll never, never procrastinate again.




One Comment

  1. Did the same last week. Left a biggie until the last minute – I got it out in time, but only *barely*.

    I’ve also vowed never, EVER to do that again.

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