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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Multitasking has been debunked as a productivity tool.  This year I’ve seen reports from several studies showing that people who multitask the most:

  • are the worst at it,
  • have the shortest attention spans,
  • get the least done,
  • are the least able to think creatively (ie. solve complex problems), etc.

Comparing my academic/professional performance now and twenty years ago, I could credibly write an article entitled “Multitasking ruined my life.”

Here’s a recent article with some useful advice: A Case For Singletasking (LifeHacker)

Incidentally, the LifeHacker website is a recent find for me, and I’m liking it!  Daily hacks for smarter living.  Just don’t browse the site while on a conference call, paying your gas bill and writing a status report.

Happy singletasking,

-Johnny 0.


Someone on the CBC this morning called today “the REAL start-of-the-new-year.”  So true.  The day after Labour Day, the unofficial end of summer, the first day of school.  We’ve had our first cool weather in months, suddenly there are yellow leaves on the ground, and this morning it even smells like autumn.  Today begins the sickening and deceptively short slide into December (I was disgusted to receive my first Christmas catalogue a couple of weeks ago, in mid-August.  Fuck off, retailers!!).

I REALLY treated the whole summer like a working holiday.  It’s time to re-establish a routine.  Looking back to the previous post, I see that I tried to do that in August, too.  I also REALLY want to become more efficient with my time so that I can start practicing regularly and taking music lessons again.

Here’s the plan:

  • Exercise, Shower and Dress before breakfast with the kids at 7:30am (no more half-asleep-until-noon Johnny).
  • one To-Do List.
  • make a Daily Plan, every day.
  • I can play only after my Daily Plan is complete!

Some good habits to help me achieve all this:

  • schedule regular breaks – get up from the computer and do something physical.
  • close email apps when I’m supposed to be working.
  • keep a list of “personal stuff to do later,” instead of interrupting myself when I think of it.
  • use the power of FOCUS; avoid unnecessary multi-tasking.
  • going back and reading older posts in this blog is proving helpful, too.

Starting now.  Wish me luck.

-Johnny 0.