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Daily Report: Wed.Oct.13,2010.

Yesterday was excellent.  I used an actual wind-up mechanical timer to create 30min periods of focus on one task, and rewarding myself with guilt-free breaks after each one.  Not only did I get more work done in one day than I have in a long time, but I also realized that I totally under-estimate how long things take to get done!  I was going to write two reports yesterday; in fact, I got half-a report done.  No wonder I’m always missing deadlines.

“Timers keep you honest about time.”  No kidding.  I’m going to keep using the mechanical timer today.  In fact, I hope to keep this up for 3 weeks (it’s the ol’ “it takes 3 weeks to adopt a new good habit” thing).

For the record, the big, chunky, ticking, impossible-to-ignore mechanical timer works better than the little app that i was using before and that sat quietly in my system tray until it went off.

Wishing you all high productivity, low stress and guilt-free breaks!

-Johnny 0.


One Comment

  1. I wish I could use a mechanical timer, but the ticking noise would drive my co-workers crazy!

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