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I’m in my fourth week of applying The Now Habit‘s methods, and I’m happy to report that I’m making progress.  It wasn’t a miraculous transformation from procrastinator to producer (nor did the book promise such), but I have started working again and I get more productive every week.

Central to the method is the “unschedule.”  It works, I think, not because I ensure that my leisure plans get priority, but because I get a blue stripe every time I get 30 mins of uninterrupted work done.  It’s like a gold star on a spelling test.  Suddenly I want as many blue stripes each day as I can possibly earn!  Green stripes are good too, they represent 30min periods of “guilt-free play” which must follow every focused bout of work.  I’m getting more quality play time AND more quality work done.  Here’s my Unschedule from last week:

Unschedule, The Now Habit

It covers 16 hours per day, 7 days.  Tuesday was particularly good.  Wednesday I had a meeting all morning.

Overall, it has about twice as much ink on it as my first one did, just three weeks ago.  The completed Unschedule is not only a sign of progress, it also provides valuable info.  I can see that I do most of my procrastinating in the morning, before that first bout of work.  Once I get into that blue-green-blue-green routine I’m pretty good, but I’m obviously putting off starting it.  So this week I’m working on getting that first blue stripe earlier in the day.  I could even get 30mins of project work done first thing, before I even check my email.  Why not?

The other aspects of the method have been helpful too, when I remember to apply them.  Catching myself in negative self- talk.  The relaxation and focusing exercise (a bit like self-hypnosis) to get into “the zone” before turning to work.  All good stuff.


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  1. The scan of my unschedule is low-res on purpose. The intention is just to show a 1-week calendar with blue and green bars marked on it (not to let you read my schedule).

    -Johnny 0.

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