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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Still getting most of my project work done at the tail end of the day.  When I’m feeling the least alert and creative.  Definitely the wrong approach.

Why, mid-morning, do i feel it’s more important to respond to every email, than to get started on what I KNOW is my #1 priority task?  Is it just procrastination?  Or is it some fear of leaving a message unanswered?  I think it’s just procrastination.

What if I ignored email from, say, 10am til 3pm, and only did project work during that time?  Would I miss anything important?  Could I even do it?

I really want to shift my work habits so that i’m working on my most complex tasks when I’m at my mental best.  Things’ll get done more quickly, I’ll do better work, and it’ll be less painful.