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Monthly Archives: February 2013

I’ve been working with a life coach for the past 4 months, and together we have achieved amazing things.  We put procrastination squarely in the cross-hairs and pulled the trigger.  She has helped me to discover what was missing from all the tactics and systems that I’ve tried before.  She has helped me to develop new ways of seeing my work, my goals and my life.  I’ve been thriving.  I have accomplished things that I used to wish for hopelessly.  I now look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm!  That’s one of the things that was missing.  Performing at a high level by forcing yourself to work is impossible.  I needed to step back and discover what I really wanted, and WHY I really wanted it, and HOW my daily work would enable me to achieve it.

Connect with your enthusiasm, every day.  I’m not enthusiastic about my (current) job, but I am enthusiastic about something else.  And right now, doing well at my current job is enabling me to achieve that something else.  I connect with the enthusiasm i have for that something else, every day, and it brightens everything else that I do.

But most of all, splurge on a few sessions with a good life coach.  Your investment will be repaid a thousandfold — in increased productivity, and in happiness.

Am I cured?  No, I still struggle with procrastination sometimes, but it doesn’t rule my life anymore.  The struggles are brief, and I know how to win.



It’s 2pm.  The high-performance me, the best version of myself, feels good about what he has already accomplished today.  He has been working diligently since he got to work this morning: focusing on one task at a time, always the highest priority first, undistractable, in the zone, leveraging the power of focus.  When he takes a break, he is happy, relaxed.  When he returns to work, he is focused, confident.  He takes pleasure in accomplishment.  When he leaves work at 5pm today, he will leave it behind without worry or regrets, and will embrace his next few hours with the family.

Tomorrow I will be more like the high-performance me.