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I am an inveterate procrastinator.  It’s not a time management problem.  It’s not simple laziness or bad work habits.  It’s a complex emotional misappropriation.

When I had a comfy job at a big corporation, the problem was theoretical; “sure, I could be climbing the corporate ladder, but maybe I’m just where I’m meant to be.”  But now that I’m working on my own, I see the wages of goofing off (not) in my very real bank account.

I’ve tried schedules, reward systems, weekly meetings with my boss, all those tricks for keeping resolutions.  None of them worked for very long.

It’s time for a serious exploration of the mental bullshit behind the behaviour.  Write it all down in one place, that’s rule #1, right?  That’s what I’m doing here.

When I find something that works, I’ll be certain to let y’all know.


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