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Procrastination is not a time-management problem, it’s a self-management problem.

Working on lower-priority tasks is still working. And it’s still procrastinating.

Action is a cure for Inaction.

I choose my actions, including what I’m not going to do.

You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it. What gets measured gets done.

Sometimes I should track results. Sometimes I should track man-hours.
The wisdom lies in knowing when to do which.

Stay healthy. Mental focus depends on physical fitness.

I will not triumph over procrastination by willpower alone.

Separate work and play.

Better work means better play.
(ie. guilt free leisure time after working is better than goofing off while working)

If you feel stuck with any goal, examine your emotions towards it.

Beware perfectionism: the dread of producing something that gets criticized. To produce nothing is worse.



Something To Look Forward To

  • I plan my work, and I plan something that I want to do after the work is done.

Work Timer

  • I set a countdown timer for 2 hours. I let it run down while I’m working, and I pause it when I take a break.
  • This lets me celebrate when I’ve achieved 2 hours of productive work. Recognizing accomplishment is important.
  • This helps me to measure just how much work is actually getting done each day.
  • At this point, 2 hours of productivity per day, every day, would be an improvement. I can add a second work period when I’m ready.

Break Timer

  • I take a break from my desk every 30 minutes, to restore circulation and let my mind exhale.
  • I tend to have my eureka moments while on break. People who take regular breaks are MORE productive over the course of a day, than people who work straight through (I read that somewhere, and I’ve experienced it myself).
  • Stand up, move around, swing the arms, drink some water, go outside for some bright light and fresh air and a dose of rich aural and visual landscape.

I use Cool Timer for my 30-minute “break” timer and my 2-hour “work” timer. It’s simple, free, and it works.

Distractions – Weaning Off

  • Emails, online news, web forums, Youtube… I can’t quit cold-turkey.
  • I allow myself until 10am every day to get through my personal emails and the like. Guilt free.
  • I can surf more when the day’s work is done.

Sprint To The Finish

  • I won’t let a task or project drag on.
  • I will block out some time, and make my goal to finish.
  • I can tweak and revise once it’s done.


  • Plan to finish before it’s due. Revisions will be required.
  • Plan out the work, and then plan your reward. Invite other people whom you won’t want to disappoint.


  • Self-motivation is a habit. Practice it.
  • Focus is a habit. Practice it.

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