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The short version is that I have encountered a number of irrational clients over the last few months. This is my big realization. See, it reminds me of my father who from one day to the next could be proud of me, or pissed at me.

No matter what I did, he was unhappy. So too with these clients. Even though I did a good job, they weren’t happy or acted irrationally. That threw me off and made me less interested in working.

Why bother doing a good job – or any job – if people are just going to be pissed or stupid about it?

The income goal and the sense of value I get from knowing FOR MYSELF that I’m doing good work is what is getting me back into things. It’s a difficult lesson for me not to let other people’s ability to be an ass-hat affect me.

“D” muses on the causes of his recent bout with procrastination, and how he is getting back into the swing of things.
Great insights, thanks for sharing!

-Johnny 0.


“Perfectionism” is not the obsessive drive to keep working at something until it’s perfect.

In the context of procrastination,…

Perfectionism is the dread of possibly producing something that is not perfect or not up to standard.

This took me a long time to figure out.  A lot of psychology texts link procrastination to perfectionism, but that never made sense to me — there’s no way I’m a perfectionist, I thought, you should see the state of my office — Read More »