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Here’s an interesting idea.  Stop having more faith in your future self than you have in your present self.

  • I’ll just eat this candy bar now, but then I’ll eat no more desserts this week.
  • I don’t feel like working out.  I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.
  • I’ll just read articles today, and I’ll get down to the real work tomorrow.

Stop believing that you’ll magically be a stronger person in the future.  The evidence is in: however you are behaving now is how you will go on behaving.  You have to BECOME a stronger person.  Start now.

Ask yourself: what I am about to do, am I willing to live the rest of my life like this?  Do I want the consequences of eating dessert after lunch every day, of always skipping the work-out, of alway goofing off?  Decide how you want to live your life, and live that way RIGHT NOW.  Your future self is saying: “You first.

source: Kelly McGonigal via Daniel Pink: How to Make a New-Year’s Non-Resolution. (thanks Suzy :))