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Shamelessly grabbed from The Globe and Mail:

Stop The Internet, I Want To Get Off

In the search for unlimited information and connectivity, [says Nicholas Carr in The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains], we have also provided ourselves with an infinite scope for distraction. Or as Carr puts it: “When carried into the realm of the intellect, the industrial ideal of efficiency poses a potentially mortal threat to the pastoral ideal of contemplative thought.”

Carr isn’t saying technology is evil – he’s saying that sometimes, in order to think properly, we need to cut ourselves off. In other words, a well-rounded mind requires a delicate balance of speed and deliberation.

“There needs to be time for efficient data collection and time for inefficient contemplation, time to operate the machine and time to sit idly in the garden,” he writes. “We need to work in Google’s ‘world of numbers,’ but we also need to be able to retreat to Sleepy Hollow.”

Read the whole article here – if you have the attention span for 900 words, that is: Stop The Internet, I Want To Get Off (Globe and Mail)

-Johnny 0.