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Tag Archives: singletasking

Multitasking has been debunked as a productivity tool.  This year I’ve seen reports from several studies showing that people who multitask the most:

  • are the worst at it,
  • have the shortest attention spans,
  • get the least done,
  • are the least able to think creatively (ie. solve complex problems), etc.

Comparing my academic/professional performance now and twenty years ago, I could credibly write an article entitled “Multitasking ruined my life.”

Here’s a recent article with some useful advice: A Case For Singletasking (LifeHacker)

Incidentally, the LifeHacker website is a recent find for me, and I’m liking it!  Daily hacks for smarter living.  Just don’t browse the site while on a conference call, paying your gas bill and writing a status report.

Happy singletasking,

-Johnny 0.